In his early years in the United States, Francisco Totti was an excellent soccer player and a very good soccer player. He was playing for Italy, but the Italian Football Federation offered him the chance to play in the Intercontinental Cup as a non-Italian. After the cup, Totti left Italy and moved on to New York City to play with the legendary New York Yankees. He soon got to know MLS and how it worked and ended up playing for the New York Giants for the rest of his career.


It was Totti’s first year in MLS that he learned a little bit more about the game when he played against the Chicago Fire. During the first half of the match Totti played at right back and left back and although the Fire had the ball at their feet he did not seem to be effective. Eventually his position was switched and he started up right forward in the hopes that the Fire would have a better shot off of him.


After the Fire was unable to take advantage of Totti, he had to make an appearance from the sideline and then left the field because of cramps. It was clear that Totti wanted to come out and help the team out because he did not want to sit in the corner. He also wanted to come out because he felt as if his team needed him. He did not really feel like he was a great player, but he knew that he was good enough to do what he was asked. He was able to show this attitude again as he came on in the second half.


When the second half began, Totti immediately started up front with Juan Pablo Angel and he was able to create the equalizer for the New York Giants. He was able to stay in the game until late in the match and then had to be replaced by Juan Pablo Angel because of cramps.


Although Totti’s position with the Giants changed throughout the season, the team still was able to finish in third place. He did not play well when he was on the field for the Giants during the final match of the season. The Giants lost to the Philadelphia Union and missed the playoffs. Totti was very disappointed with his performance during the final game of his career. He was extremely excited to return to Italy to play for the national team but it was not until he returned did he understand just how important the season was to Italy.


Even though he was injured for most of the year, Totti was still able to play for the New York Giants during the playoffs as a sub. against the Chicago Fire. He did not play langitqq as well in this game but he was still able to play some minutes as he received some playing time with the national team and then was called into the Italy’s squad. He also did not get the playing time he deserved and he ended up on a plane to Italy.